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What is Tartu sTARTUp ecosystem doing today?

All the organizations come together to organize sTARTUp Day – the biggest business festival in Baltics. The members help out to find the best speakers to create a diverse program, sell tickets, have surprises for the visitors and make this whole festival as awesome as possible. And what makes this special is that everything is organized voluntarily!

Aside from sTARTUp Day all the organizations have their main mission that is someway related to making Tartu the best startup city there is! With a great business idea, you will have plenty of incubators, parks, and hubs to choose the best fitting for your specialty.

How did Tartu get to the point WE are today?

Back in 2015 there were many amazing events happening all over Tartu, however, all of them were too small to stand out to international investors or journalists. Our aim was to organize one bigger event that would bring all of the smaller events under one roof to collectively create a bigger impact. The idea was pitched to the community in a sauna and got positive feedback instantly.

The very first sTARTUp Day was organized in December 2016 and was sold out with 3000 participants – all thanks to a collective community effort. Five years later, sTARTUp Day is organized by 9 very different main organizations and a lot of help comes from plenty of smaller companies and organizations.

Why WE are doing what WE are doing?

Tartu sTARTUp ecosystem works together, combining their ideas and knowledge to provide the best business environment for startups and support them on their journeys. The goal is to be the top location choice for startups. This creates more jobs and brings in talented people from all over the world which will benefit Tartu in its development and diversity.

Although each organization has its own purpose everybody from the Tartu sTARTUp ecosystem can say our common goal is to make Tartu the best startup and entrepreneurship city!

(Photo by Tarmo Haud, www.tarmohaud.ee)

WHERE is sTARTUp Tartu going?

Our main goal is to turn Tartu into a city known for its’ great startup ecosystem and business vibe. Not only to attract startups and founders here but also to make corporates think in new ways and incorporate innovation and collaboration into their businesses. This will end up creating new high-value jobs, boosting science and developing the whole life environment in Tartu.

To be ambitious, we look to get at least 5000 startup minded companies to Tartu.

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